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Go and Do!

Many have been discussing the faults of the church. I think we can all agree that they ARE many, yet what should we be doing about them? One question we have to ask ourselves is what our words are accomplishing. … Continue reading

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Christianity – Good or Bad?

Christian influence continues to be found at the heart of moral reform. From the ending of child labor, to the establishment of schools and hospitals, orphanages, humane treatment of prisoners, the civil rights movement, to the establishment of this country and the writing of its constitution and bill of rights, Christianity has played an important and positive role in this world. Continue reading

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Being Church

As I sit and write this, many thoughts and questions are swirling through my mind. How do we define church? What about leadership? If we are to build it must be upon a proper foundation, and that foundation can only be Jesus. How do we ensure that we remain solidly upon that foundation and continue to build upon His pattern? How do we make adjustments when we start to stray from that pattern? Continue reading

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Come Up

Perhaps the most precious though are the times when He comes and just speaks words of love, encouraging you come deeper. Continue reading

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Thoughts on the House of Prayer Movement

They all have their faults, and in fact the same ones can creep in anywhere you go. Things like a controlling spirit, backbiting, deception, envy, apostasy, false doctrine, even oldie but goodies like Gnosticism, you name it, it can and will try to creep into the Body at any opportunity. You can find such error in every move, and in every denomination, it’s not hard. Continue reading

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Biblical Finances Part 4-Prosperity

There have been two lies in the teachings about prosperity, the first is that God will just bless us and make us rich like some sort of cosmic “sugar daddy.” The other that many of us have bought into, is that the Word is speaking only of spiritual riches, and that we should be content in our poverty, because it means greater spiritual riches in the “sweet by and by!” Neither one of those extremes are correct, neither is the truth in the middle, it is beyond them both. Continue reading

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