Take No Thought

While in worship I heard the words “Take no thought” over and over. As I pondered this, I saw men standing before me. I knew that they were each looking at situations in the world. I could see into their bodies, specifically I could see their hearts. As I watched their hearts grew dark and sickly, some literally exploded, all eventually failed. I then heard the following words:

These are days that cause a man’s heart to grow weak. But you are not just men; you are the children of the King. Crises are many in this day for I am causing a great shaking to occur. Do not be surprised at this for did I not say in my Word that these things would come? Yet, I also told you to look up for these things are the beginning of birth pains.

Fear makes a heart weak, anxiety cause it to fail, but I say to you take no thought, for I am your provision. Be at peace, for in me is peace and you dwell in me. When disease comes, I Am your vaccination, when famine comes, I Am your food, when shaking comes, I Am your stability. So in the midst of all things, take no thought, be at peace.

Kevin Dougherty



About hisfool

I am a pilgrim on a journey, one which I pray leads to the day when I stand before the throne of God and hear "Well Done!" Along the way I have encountered good times and bad, been wounded and healed, fallen only to rise again. It does not make me any better, but perhaps, it makes me a little wiser and I pray a little more compassionate.
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