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Reimagining Church

Frank Viola’s blog “Reimagining Church” Good stuff on the “Organic Church” and just what that means … I am looking forward to some thought provoking and spirit stirring reads here. via Reimagining Church. Advertisements

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Freedom to Grow

The question is not can we eliminate risks and risk taking, but how can we teach our children to recognize, assess and deal with the risks they will face and take. Our job is not to protect our kids from life, but to prepare them to face life and succeed, and a big part of that is facing risk, and accepting responsibility for their choices and decisions. Continue reading

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Republican – The Party of Compassion?

Maybe this stuff isn’t being taught in schools anymore, no, scratch the maybe, I’m pretty sure it is not. Historically, what has the Republican Party stood for? Is it big business as so many have claimed? Or was it something else? Let’s take a look at their stands over the years. Continue reading

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The Path Less Traveled: Encouragement for the Sojourners

Many are at the point where they feel they can not take another step. I believe the Lord wants you to be encouraged. Gather your strength for one last push, breakthrough is at hand. Continue reading

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Walking in the Storm

I think we all find it easy to declare our trust in God when things go well. It is easy to worship when the sky is blue, and the day is warm and sunny. The true test of faith comes when a storm suddenly strikes without warning, catching you unaware and threatening to inundate you with its waves. Continue reading

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