An Unexpected Adventure

Yesterday, work took me to southern Vermont. This is a trip I make often and I am quite familiar with the route. In fact, I could almost drive it in my sleep. My last appointment of the day was outside of Brattleboro. I am in the habit of just leaving my GPS on all the time, even though I may know where I am going, so I can use the hands free phone feature in it.

This day as I was leaving the clients drive, I automatically punched in home, and to my surprise the Garman told me I should go in the opposite direction to the way I expected to go. Since it was a nice day, and my wife is in Virginia meeting our new grandson, I decided it was a good time for a little adventure. I was treated to a spectacular drive through the Vermont countryside in the full glory of autumn. The colors were bright, the air crisp and clear, and with calm winds the ponds reflected the color in the trees and sky.

In the midst of this, the Lord began to speak to me. I found this adventure because instead of taking the well traveled route I knew so well, I listened to the prompting of my GPS and took a different path. Now there was nothing wrong with the other way, it’s a good route, wide well paved roads, safe, fast, and one I know well. It was the obvious way, but not the best way. So it is in life. We plan out the path we should take, we look at our goals and ambitions and set that path, marking it with clear, reasonable and achievable objectives. Yea, we have it all figured out, do the right things, work hard, serve in our church, raise our children to love the Lord, become an elder, board member or maybe even pastor. Then when the kids are grown, and our future assured perhaps we’ll be able to go on some mission trips somewhere before we retire.

But is that what the Lord has in mind? Oh, it might be a good route, but is it the best one? Well, we have a sort of spiritual GPS that like the device in my car can show us the best way. The Holy Spirit is constantly pointing the way we should go, and like my Garman yesterday, He will sometimes point us in an unexpected direction. Just as I did, we then face a choice, the safe, known, expected route, or the adventure of something new and unknown.

Yesterday, I chose the adventure, following the prompting and heading in a new and unexpected direction. Much of the way, I was not exactly sure of where I was, after all this was new and unexplored territory. Oh, my well developed sense of direction told me that I was headed more-or-less in the right direction, but I had to trust my GPS to tell me when to turn and take a different road.

In the same way, when we follow the Holy Spirit’s prompting in an unexpected direction, we launch ourselves on an adventure with Him. We might not know where we are headed, in fact, we probably will not, but we can be confident that if we follow His promptings He will get us safely to our destination.

So the next time you find the Holy Spirit prompting you to make a sudden change in your route, take the turn. You may not be sure where He is taking you, and you will probably find yourself in places you never expected to be. There will be times when you have no clue where you are and how you will get to your destination, heck, you may not even be sure what the destination is. But that whisper in your ear “This is the way, walk in it,” will give you confidence that you are headed in the right direction and when you get to the end of the journey, you will look back with satisfaction and agree the unexpected adventure was more than worth it.


About hisfool

I am a pilgrim on a journey, one which I pray leads to the day when I stand before the throne of God and hear "Well Done!" Along the way I have encountered good times and bad, been wounded and healed, fallen only to rise again. It does not make me any better, but perhaps, it makes me a little wiser and I pray a little more compassionate.
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