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I am a pilgrim on a journey, one which I pray leads to the day when I stand before the throne of God and hear "Well Done!" Along the way I have encountered good times and bad, been wounded and healed, fallen only to rise again. It does not make me any better, but perhaps, it makes me a little wiser and I pray a little more compassionate.


I found myself today thinking about how things have changed in my lifetime. So much is different, so much progress, so many technological developments. Things un-thought of in my youth are the norm today. In one respect that is the … Continue reading

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“Why Would Someone Want a High Capacity Gun?”

This was a question asked by a friend of mine recently. First I appreciate that she did not use the term “Assault Rifle.” Despite the efforts of many in the media and politics to redefine the term, assault rifle has … Continue reading

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Blown Away

Originally posted on From The Pen of a Ready Writer:
Such a month – so far – and it is only the 12th of December! My gifts that are for the out of town relatives are already shipped (this is…

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Faith Vs. Fear

Yesterday a military acquaintance of mine posted some quotes about letting go, and fear of change. As I read this I kept thinking of the Israelites in the desert. Moses sent 12 men into the land to spy it out … Continue reading

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God and the Bubble Tea

God is totally current! As you may be aware, I love to write and draw. My journal is full of illustrations of principles and Bible verses, and ideas. I usually ask God to inspire the drawings, beca… Source: God and … Continue reading

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To Vote or Not To Vote

In a few days, we will go to the polls to make what may be the single most pivotal decision we have made in many years. Tuesday, we will choose our next president. Well technically, we will choose the electors … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Memorial Day

As Memorial Day approaches I find my thoughts turning to the many friends and family who have passed on in the service of their country. Classmates who went to that hell hole we called Nam never to return, those who … Continue reading

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